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With Causes Charity and Collections with Causes has partnered in an effort to provide to our business, corporate partners and benefactors a very unique business tool.
Receivables, judgments, corporate and private debts plague us all. Loss is just as much a part of doing business as profit, and the current tax law only allows for a small fraction of what some loss can amount to.

Collections with Causes will accept your receivables, judgments and collections of any size as a meaningful donation to a highly effective charitable intermediary that will turn your losses into everyone’s gain!

Debts You Can Donate:

Medical Debts
Commercial Debts
Past Due Accounts
Legal Debts
Retail Debts

Delinquent account donations

Collections with Causes
Collections with causes will utilize your past due account donation to further our charity programs, benefit those in need and nurture our communities.

Here are just a few of the benefits you will receive by supporting the charitable causes and benevolent programs made available through With Causes Charity and Collections with Causes:

Benefits of Donating
The financial benefits of giving outweigh the benefits of a traditional capital loss deduction.

Eligibility for a full tax deduction.

No expenses associated with the collections process (retainers, court costs, filing fees, Attorneys)

The donation procedure is quick, simple and hassle free (We handle everything for you)

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Income Tax Refund


Fair Debt Collection Act

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