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Credit is a system whereby a person who cannot pay gets another person who cannot pay to guarantee that he can pay.
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Never Worry About Bad Business Debt Losses Again with This Unique New Business Tool

Start taking advantage of an amazing and unique new business tool. Any Business or individual can write off the full amount of capital losses from bad debt by donating them to charity. You will no longer be wasting your time with retainers, court costs, filing fees or attorneys.

Los Angeles, CA December 4, 2006 – Did you ever think that maybe there is a better way to collect on your delinquent accounts or any other kind of debt for that matter. Well there is. You can write off 100% of your bad business debt and uncollected judgments as a charitable donation. So why only get a fraction of what you are due by declaring it as a capital loss?

The unwelcome reality of bad business debt does not have to be a big problem for businesses and individuals. You work hard for your money and debt reduces your bottom line. You no longer have to rush out to hire the services of a lawyer to write a demand letter that informs the buyer of their default and gives them time to make good, or not. When the demand letter does not work a lawsuit is then called for. The entire collections process turns out to be lengthy and expensive.

Current tax law only allows you to deduct a small fraction of the real losses incurred when you declare the bad business debt as a loss.. Not only are you losing money by declaring bad debt as a loss but you are also taking a risk that may result in unintended consequences including:

          You may get your delinquent accounts receivable back from the collection agency as uncollectible.

          You may lose in a litigation involving the bad debt.

          A debtor filing for bankruptcy and the bankruptcy court has determined that you would get little or nothing on the bad debt.

          Your Attorney's Office deciding that it would not be productive to sue a judgment debtor.

Donations of any bad business debt are acceptable including medical debt, commercial debt, judgments, past due accounts, legal debts, and retail debt to name the most common. The donation procedure is quick, simple and hassle free. Many doctors, lawyers, small and large corporations and individuals have already taken advantage of this unique way to ensure they receive 100% of the value of the debt owed to them.

Collections with Causes, part of the “With Causes” charitable organization, is currently the only charity that offers this amazing and unique business tool to deal with the reality of bad business debt. Collections with Causes will accept businesses’ delinquent receivables, judgments, and collections of any size as a meaningful donation to a highly effective charitable intermediary that will turn a businesses’ loss into everyone’s gain. They are set up to resolve businesses’ bad debt problems quickly and without any further aggravation.

This is a win-win-win situation, the organization making the donation wins, Collections with Causes wins, and the charities and individuals supported win”, said C.L. Arballo, spokesperson for Collections with Causes. Organizations donating their outstanding receivables to Collections with Causes can write off the full amount of their bad business debt and increase their tax benefit without depleting their financial resources trying to collect on the delinquent accounts. No expenses associated with the collections process (retainers, court costs, filing fees, Attorneys) are incurred.

Collections with Causes handles everything. Simply call them toll free (888) 288-7320 any day of the week or go to the Collections with Causes website and fill out their online form. A representative from Collections with Causes will then contact and instruct you on the next step.

A Quick Summary of the Benefits of Donating Bad Business Debt:

          The financial benefits of giving outweigh the benefits of a traditional capital loss deduction.

          You are eligible for a full tax deduction.

          No expenses associated with the collections process (retainers, court costs, filing fees, attorneys)

          The donation procedure is quick, simple and hassle free (Collections with Causes handles everything for you)

About Collections with Causes Charity Organization:

Collections with Causes  utilizes business’ bad debt collections donations to further their charity programs, benefit those in need and nurture our communities. Collections with Causes is part of the highly effective “With Causes” charity. They are setup to handle any kind of donation including: Car Donations, Computers, Donate Collectibles, Collections Boat Donations and the ability to donate real estate.


Collections with Causes

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