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Running into debt isn't so bad.
It's running into creditors that hurts.

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Charity Debt Collection


Collections with Causes Charity Debt Collection
How and why?
Collections with Causes may just be the most useful resource available to many businesses, corporations and individuals today. In a world filled with tragedy, disaster and need, we at Collections with Causes provide a useful and highly aggressive method of much needed fundraising for the secular and faith-based Non profit community. At the same time your charitable donation of a traditionally under-utilized business asset can benefit you further, and provide a new source of revenue for many worthy causes.

Whether an individual or corporation, we all are far too familiar with bad business debt

The following are just a few of the situations that may result in a business bad debt.
Loans to clients and suppliers.
Unpaid receivables
Loan or capital contribution.
Debts of an insolvent partner.
Business loan guarantee.

We all know that we have a legal obligation to pay our debts.
The problem is, on occasion, unforeseen circumstances prohibit the repayment of these debts. On the other hand, there are those who do not feel an overwhelming obligation to pay their obligations to you.
Collections with Causes utilizes the expertise available to us to act in the most professional and responsible manner to manage your donated assets and their recovery. By doing so, we at Collections with Causes will assist you in maximizing the financial benefits available to you.

If you are a creditor and choose to donate your receivables, business or personal bad debt to Collections with Causes you will be taking advantage of an innovative, truly unique business tool.



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