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Creditors have far better memories than debtors.
- Benjamin Franklin -


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Collections with Causes, another contemporary dynamic in charitable giving.
As giving to charity has become more challenging for donors in recent years, it is refreshing to know that there are other ways to give. Your charitable donations can take many forms (cash, real property, hard assets, etc.), but other pertinent factors have to be considered when evaluating any donation to charity.

Any individual or corporation can donate their unpaid debts to Collections with Causes.
We make it so you never have to worry about business billing and collection again.

There are numerous reasons you might consider donating unpaid debt.

Your emotional tug: You simply feel strongly about the cause.

You consider it morally important to give.

Your family or friends have asked you to contribute, and you want to be responsive.

It makes good financial sense.

The benefit of donating your bad business debt to a charitable cause may benefit you more financially than simply taking a capital loss deduction.

You simply want a tax benefit.

Comparisons derived solely from financial data may be the most promising indicator of why you should donate. There is no “downside”. When you Donate to Collections with Causes everyone wins!

We can find that out in part by using the data at our disposal. Certainly a much more positive outcome will occur by your particular business accepting the financial benefit. In the case of an individual the same may also be true. There is of course no negative aspects of contributing to the betterment of the communities in which we live and what better way than to turn your loss into a benefit for those less fortunate.

There can be other reasons, no matter what your position. Whether a CEO or small business owner, contractor or an Attorney, we must never lose sight of the fact that what it's really about is each one of us doing some good, reaching out to those in need, and improving our society whenever we can.



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